Welcome Nomad!

De Certeau offer us another key insight to fan culture: readers are not simply poachers; they are also “nomads,” always in movement, “not here or there,” not constrained by permanent property ownership but rather constantly advancing upon another text, appropriating new materials, making new meanins – Jenkin, 1992, 36

The word nomad usually describes audiences relation towards media. How we as fans are constantly on the move on searching for a brand new text. This implies to film as one of the most consume mass media. Once you are a fan of a certain genre, you will be attracted to a film with a similar genre. In this website, I will bring you to the world of many type of movie genres.

It is dedicated for movies critiques, upcoming movies, or any other movie related stuff. (I may add tv shows as well)


So welcome to View Nomad, and enjoy!


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