“If you ain’t scared, you ain’t alive.” – The Good Dinosaur

There was a short film that showed before The Good Dinosaur called Sanjay’s Super Team which blended aspects of pop culture and the Hindu religion. It was a very cute short which featured an adorable Indian boy and showed the possibility of the combination of  two themes mentioned above from the conflict that usually comes with it. The music had a mixture of Indian music beats and instruments and the animation and colours were really pretty as well. Short and simple but it’s an enjoyable short film which provides a different perspective that makes you smile.


Okay. First of all, the animation and the soundtrack for The Good Dinosaur was brilliant. Throughout the whole film, there’s just spectacular colours everywhere. The characters were cartoon-ish and simple but the background animation, such as landscapes, water, leaves and mountains, were so realistic and life-like, you sometimes forget that you’re watching an animation film. Although, I guess people might think it’s too different a contrast and not like it. But this was still essentially a kid’s film, kids aren’t really going to care.

Emotions are always a much highlighted aspect in Pixar films. The relationship between the main characters, Arlo and Spot, was very visual and focused on mannerisms because Spot can’t speak but it worked out great. The scene where Arlo talks about family and the ending scene really pulls on your heart strings. And as usual, tears were shed, as it always is with Pixar movies.

But…that’s about it, The Good Dinosaur had a decent story plot with a very basic and safe family aspect to the theme. There’s also the used before trope of the underdog main character who’s a coward but goes on an adventure with a sidekick who’s much braver than him. There were good comedic moments that’s sure to make everyone laugh but there just weren’t that many of them. The film also didn’t really explain more on the culture and the world the dinosaurs were living in, such as why the T-rex were Western cowboys with a herd, or why Arlo’s family ended up being farmers.

Additionally, I felt like the story should have left the role of the main antagonist to nature since it was already kind of heading that way from the beginning? It wasn’t really necessary for the Pterodactyls to come in and out to lead Arlo and Spot to the climax. On that note, the film also seemed like it had very detached story plot sequences. There was a 10 – 15 minutes scene with the Tyrannosaurus which was great but it just seemed detached from the main story plot and maybe could have been a Pixar short film instead. These types of scenes could have just been left out because they sometimes felt out of place. There was also a scene with a triceratops with birds all over his horns which ended up being kind of awkward and a side character that didn’t really seem important.

I guess the film just ended up being The Kinda Good Dinosaur, but still had many good moments to it. If you enjoy Pixar films, you’re probably going to enjoy this film, though you might find it just doesn’t stand out like the previous ones.


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