Who should be the next Bond … James Bond? – James Bond Resume

With the release of the James Bond Movie, Specter, The studio will be looking for a new actor to fill in the shoes of Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig told journalist that Specter will be the last Bond Movie he will be a part of. in this post we will be looking at the qualifications required to be the next Mr Bond, and look at some actors tipped to be the next James Bond.

The very obvious requirement is that the actor must be British, primarily born in England. He must be at an age of 30-45; most James Bond actor started their career as the agent at the average age of 40. and have a charismatic look to stay true to past actors. The actor must have at least some experience in action-type movie(s).

So lets look at the potential candidate that could make it being agent 007. I’ll pick my top 3 candidate that will be cast as James Bond. My pick will be based on the criteria above and rumor circulating in the media. From there I’ll choose the best candidate for the job.

So the first contestant I pick will be Idris Elba. The man has been linked with the role by medias and fans of the franchise. I myself quite fancy Idris Elba to be the next bond and to be the first black 007 agent ‘YAY for Diversity’. He is born in England and still at the age of 43 which mean he matches our criteria.Other than that, he also started in some good action movies the likes of Thor and Pacific Rim. he is considered by Esquire as the dream Bond.

The second actor on the list is Jude Law. Mr Watson is also the person who can be the next bond according to journalist and tabloids. age is not a problem for Jude as he is now only 42 years old. in a magazine pool, Law pulled in 28% of the total vote, outvoting Obi wan-Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Batman (Christian Bale) to become James Bond.

and in this corner we have Darmian Lewis. Yes the Band of Brother and Homeland star is in the roster for the James Bond Role. If he is the Next bond He will not only be the 9th actor, but also the 1st Ginger bond hehe… Damian Lewis has been dubbed as the “betting-man’s bond”. he is also 45 by the time filming the next bond movie.

if you want my opinion, my best bet is Idris Elba. Why? cuz its probably time to diversify the bond francise, its 2015 and its time for a black person to be the main character. if he is not taking the role, which is what the man himself is thinking about right now, then my money will be on Damian Lewis to become James bond. There are also rumors that Lewis has given ‘ the unofficial nod’ into becoming the next Bond


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