Not another spy movie. The case of an ordinary James Bond

We all fall in love with this magnificent British spy, that makes fighting crime looks so elegant. 6 actors have the privileged to play the womanizer, classy, talented spy, and we saw the latest rendition of our favourite spy in the movie Spectre. Opening on the 12th of November in cinema all around Australia, it is fascinating that there are not as many viewers who are intrigue to watch this film. Daniel Craig fourth performance as James Bond could be the least entertaining and utterly boring among all of his performance.

With a budget between US$245-250million, you would expect Spectre to be more glamorous, action pack, far from boring movie. Yet, viewers might left the cinema feeling disappointed.

The theme of fighting against the global surveillance has come up in plenty of film this year. We saw it in the blockbuster movie Fast 7, and now we see it again in James Bond movie. We will follow Bond journey to find an organisation called Spectre, an organisation who has been the caused of many misery to 007. There will be several hidden references to past James Bond movie. The most obvious one would probably be Skyfall as it was mention repeatedly throughout the film.

Andrew Scott, whom many people known as Jim Moriarty in Sherlock, played as Max Denbigh or also known as C, the head of the privately backed Joint Intelligence Service, who campaigns for Britain to join “Nine Eyes”, a global surveillance and intelligence co-operation initiative between nine member states. As he step into the big scene, I can’t help to wonder if he would be playing one of the villain. To which my suspicion came true. Led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld (played by Christopher Waltz), C and several other people was part of this organisation which we known as Spectre.

By the theme itself, it is hard not to wonder that Spectre has a painfully weak story plot. Juggling between romance, action, and humour there was not any space left in the film to actually focuses on the main plot. From time to time, viewers may actually got lost in the film because there are too many things going on at once. Despite James Bond movie is famous for the sophisticated, fierce, elegant Bond Girl, this movie does not shows any of that in the girls. There are in total 4 women in the entire film. 3 of them make out with James Bond. Although 1 did show the ability to fight and defend herself.  To a certain degree there are more romance in the film than action scene.

However, the camera angle of this film is still spectacular as ever. Combining CGI and the art of action choreography, Spectre action scene is still as breathtaking as many other of its preceding film. And to be frank, we all will still going to watch this film regardless of its review, due to our love for this notorious British spy.



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