Meet Geminoid F. World’s first robotic actress

You can’t simply replace a human being with a robot! Think again.

Meet Geminoid F. She is the first android “actress” casted as a lead role in a Japanese film. She can act, doesn’t need fame or money, and will obey any director’s request.

Although we have seen several android characters in many other movies, but Geminoid F is definitely different from the ordinary robot. Geminoid F was designed to looked like human with a face of a women and rubber skin. But on the down side, she is unable to walk and is wheeled around in the film.

This android actress will act along side with human actress in a movie called ‘Sayonara’, set in aftermath of a nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan. Director Koji Fukada referred Geminoid F, or Leona in the film, as an “actress”, and is even listed as a member of the cast in the end credits.

At the price of  £72,000, Geminoid F was produced by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a renowned robot designer at Osaka University in western Japan.

She sing, play recordings , or mouthing other people’s voices. She can also smile, furrow her brows and move her mouth. This robot is equipped with motorised actuators, powered by air pressure, which allow her to ‘copy’ human facial expressions. All of which was controlled from a laptop during the film production.

Sayonara open in Japans in November 21 as part of the Tokyo International Film Festival. In the film, the robot stays loyal to its owner (played by Bryerly Long), while the nation evacuates following a nuclear disaster. Fukada joked about how easy it was working with the android, rather than directing other people. ‘The android doesn’t complain, never gets hungry and doesn’t need to sleep at all,’ he said at the film festival.

Is this a new era of the film industry?

You can enjoy this film at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival. However, there are still no screen date for overseas viewer.


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