Why I Game – An introduction

Hi there Nomads, I’m the new Editor to viewnomad and you guys can call me Chris. I will be putting up articles that cover previews, reviews, and other topics related to gaming, and movies (mostly games though).

But why games? the answer to that is that I’m a gamer and I want to talk about it.

I started to know gaming, well since my memory serve me. I remember my first video game was a bowling game on the PS 1, and it blew my young mind. From there, I was very pretty much hooked to gaming. I have always been a spiderman fan (probably because Spiderman 2 was my first superhero Film), so to be able to control Spiderman in Spider-man 2 on the PS 2; being able to swing by Manhattan, beating up Doc Ock, was completely out of this world for a kid. That is why my favorite gender for games is RPG …. next to Strategy games. So I have become a passionate gamer ever since I held a controller.

Most of my freetime, I spent playing some games and making new friends, whether they are from Europe, the US, or Australia. Gaming has that power to connect people that has a common interest, and there are a lot of gamers out there, just check how much consoles are sold, how many people are online on steam, how many people played the Call of Duty Franchise. This is why Video games is a part of today’s pop culture, just like movies and music.

And here at ViewNomad, It’s all about the current pop cultures. Since my buddy will be focusing on movies, I will be focusing on a Pop Culture that has not been touched here at ViewNomad, and that Pop culture is Video Games.


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