Beware of Crimson Peak! – Crimson Peak

This is not a ghost story. It is only a story with ghost in it.

That one particular quote from the movie is what defined the whole story plot.

Earning around $30 million worldwide, Crimson Peak may not exceed well in its box office week, but it is definitely an interesting Halloween film. Revolving around the genre of Gothic Romance, the plot of the story will revolve around three main characters, Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikwoska), Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), and Lady Lucile Sharpe (Jessica Chastain). For some who only look at the trailer will automatically assume that this is a horror movie. But do not let it deceive you. This movie is more than just a ghost story.

The movie began in New York around the 20th century with Edith Cushing was visited by the ghost of her mother, warning her to be aware of Crimson Peak.  She does not know what it means back then but, she wishes that she knew it sooner. Edith turn to be a  a young, ambitious, full of imagination young lady. She loves writing stories, especially romance stories with ghost in it. She later met Sir Thomas Sharpe and was fascinated by him and slowly developed a feeling for him. What she did not know is that: 1) Sir Thomas Sharpe live in a mansion called Crimson Peak. 2) He was married three times. 3) All of his ex-wives died mysteriously. 4) He is in a relationship with his own sister.

Sir Thomas Sharpe married women and used their money to build his invention, while at the same time having a incest relationship with his own sister. Lady Lucile Sharpe and his brother are involved with all the deaths that occurred in the house. The aftermath of their action resulted to the death of both siblings.

The story plot of the movie may seems to be odd for some people but it is certainly different and refreshing. What is interesting that they used circular fade in this film which is rarely found in blockbuster film. The CGI was magnificent as it captures all the sprits that haunt Crimson Peak.

Would I recommend someone to watch this film?

Probably not.

As I realised that this film may not be suitable for everyone.

But if you desired a movie that is different, then I would highly recommend people to watch this film.


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