F*ck you, Mars – The Martian.

The first time I saw the trailer for The Martian, one thing pop up into my mind. Is this a fan fiction of Interstellar? Not only Matt Damon was stranded in a planet (okay, he was not stranded in Mars for the movie Interstellar, but hey, he is still stranded), but also many actors that played in Interstellar played in this movie as well.

But then I did a little bit of research. The Martian was a book to film adaptation. Based on Andy Weir’s novel, this movie win box office weekend in its debut, and bring audience intrigue with it’s marvellous cinematography and excellent science fiction.

Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon), who is a botanist and an engineer was stranded on planet Mars when he was struck by a satellite and was left by his crew. The Martian show his journey on how to survive on Mars with extremely limited resources. Matt Damon will take us a tour to Mars and explore all of his emotions as he encountered several difficulties on his journey back home.

This movie is interesting not only for those science fiction fans but also many fans in general. The Martian is not just boring old 2 hours long movie with only Matt Damon walking around Mars doing hard labour and stuff. But the comedy that was put into his line will definitely keep our eyes and ears open and laugh along his journey.

Not only that, but I must praised it’s cinematography for capturing the most beautiful scene of Mars. Despite not exactly sure how Mars looks like but this movie had done an incredible job in portraying the planet. The camera angle was breathtaking as it takes you onto a journey to Watney’s life.

Last but not least, I will say that all the science and engineering people would love to watch this film. Many have said that this film is actually almost scientifically correct. Many methods that was used in this film was proven to be correct and some said that this may actually be what future space travelling looks like.

Is this a movie that you should watch? I would definitely say yes.

For people who find Gravity and Interstellar boring, I would highly recommend you this film.

Overall ratings: 5/out of 5 stars 😀


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