Taken 3 – It Ends Here, or so they want us to think.

By now many of you must have thought, what kind of family is this!! How can they get so much trouble in just the past 2 or 3 years. And how the hell Liam Neeson, who was the Jedi Master on Star Wars, the voice of Aslan from Narnia, Zeus from Clash of Titans, and Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins, can let his family being threatened.

The differences between Taken 3 from the other 2 Taken movies was that this time, Liam Neeson was the fugitives, accuses of murdering his wife. Which in my opinion was really stupid. He managed to escape from the police and tried to clear his name, although in the process he killed people like what he always do. Also no matter what happened, there was also a Russian mob involved. Although this time technically it was not him to actually have problem with the Russian mobster.

As always, in the process of makes things right, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) was also trying to protect his daughter.

Should the producer actually made this film? No, I don’t think so. They should have stop with Taken 2, or even stop right after the first Taken. Especially since Taken 3 has different storyline. Not only that but I think that Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace (Kim Mills) is just too old for this movie.

Taken 3 might have been the case where the producer sees that the first two film was a hit so they put an even more budget in hoping to make another blockbuster film. In my understanding, Taken 2 has double the budget comparing to Taken 1, and Taken 3 has even more budget than Taken 2. While some might said “bigger is always better”, but that’s never the case in film. Bigger may not always be better, hence it may even be worst.

You can see how old Liam Neeson is from all the shooting and fighting scene. The fighting scene although it was not bad to a point that you can see the gap in the punch. But the editing and camera movement makes you realise that it was really bad. The camera movement was trying to make you feel that they are trying to hide all the flaws from the movement. Not to forget that you can actually see that there are no power at all from Liam Neeson. He might be a bad ass but he is no longer a bad ass for this movie.

The thing that I like from this movie was actually the storyline. The flow of this film was unpredictable, unless you watched the trailer. Not like any other action movie, you might be able to predict the ending, but you can’t predict the storyline. In the beginning of the film, viewers are of this Russian gangster trying to take money from a rich person who owed him money. What we didn’t know that the rich person was actually Stuart St. John, Kim step father from his mother second marriage. Taken 3 has actually more plot comparing to the other two.

Overall I think people better not watch this film in the cinema. You can watch it at home, wait for it to be out on iTunes or Amazon cause you’ll pay a bit less and you can watch it in our bed. You can even play the movie and leave doing other things.

I really hope they would not try to make Taken 4, or Taken but with a different title. Although they said that “It Ends Here”, but during the last scene, Bryan Mills told Stuart:

I will find you and you know what will happen.

Well that may not be the exact quote but it runs along that line. I really don’t want to watch a film where Liam Neeson seek revenge towards Stuart. I hope they will let Taken trilogy be. And hope that Liam Neeson would not ended up like Nicholas Cage or to some extent Johnny Depp. He is a great actor that deserve a better film.


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