I was raised to be charming, not sincere – Into the Woods

When I first saw the trailer, the first think that come up to mind was
“Is this just another way of destroying our childhood?”
But after many research, I found that this was actually a film adapted from a play. I have very little knowledge about broadway so I am not too sure of what shows that are showing on broadway and off broadway.
As soon as I knew that this was a play adaptation movie, I instantly thought of another successful play to film adaptation, Les Miserables. I remember reading an article that said because of the success, many film directors and producers plan in adapting more famous plays into films.
Reading the storyline from the original play of Into the Wood, I thought, “how different can it be from the film?”
Since I never seen the play before, I can’t make big comparison. So I will just analyse the film.
I am pretty sure that this film choose famous actors and actresses to boost the viewers. Many may not be a fan of a musical but would want to watch the film out of curiosity.
For example they casted Johnny Depp as the big bad wolf. If you noticed, he was only in the screen only for 10 minutes, may even be less than that. But maybe also because he was only a supporting roles thus  he receive a little screening time.
I have never seen any movie that used many
This fairytale is not like any other fairytale. Rapunzel has a brother which was the baker, Prince Charming was a douche and had an affair, and Cinderella’s gown was not blue.
Overall the movie was satisfying for me. They picked the perfect cast for most of the main role. Emily Blunt and James Corden showed a really strong chemistry between the baker and his wife. We know that Meryl Streep nailed it as the wicked witch, her performance was marvellous, outstanding, and so beautifully done. While for Chris Pine, I think he was the perfect Prince Charming. The scene where he had a duet with the prince who likes Rapunzel was so pretentious, especially when he tore his clothes to show his chest. And yet another amazing musical performance from Anna Kendrick. Her singing ability has been proven through the movie Pitch Perfect and from this movie. Johnny Depp’s singing voice was surprisingly authentic. Since he has a very soaring voice, it didn’t make me think that he would actually have a really nice singing voice.
Speaking about the quotes that I picked as the title of this article. For the first time, we see the other side of the Prince Charming. So far from all the fairytale movies, Prince Charming is just charming, but here… We were exposed to where he is not sincere.
Also I usually don’t really like a movie that has too much singing, but this movie has managed to let me sit still for more than two hours and enjoy the movie. This I think will bring more and more broadway play being adapted into movies. I hope one day Wicked will adapted into film.

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