And in that moment, I swear we were infinite – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I know this film was in 2013 but I need to share my thoughts about this film here as it is my Top 10 film.

There are many reasons why this is my favourite film. Not because they picked the greatest cast of all time. Not because of the age of the character in the film. Not because of all the party that they have attended.

But it is simply because of the storyline.

I feel that despite this film being a bit dark, it is simple and relatable. Most high school students or even freshmen college will at some point feel that they are lost. The needs of facing the world alone. This film I think revolved its story in the coming of age of Charlie.

Charlie played by Logan Lerman was about this start his first day in high school. His friend killed himself in junior high makes his first day was one of the worst day of his life. But he was willing to change things around. He met Patrick in his wood-shop class and approached him during a football match (American football). Patrick then introduced Charlie to Sam, Patrick’s step sister, which then continues on to a very beautiful friendship. They gone through quite few things together. Charlie’s first party and first girlfriend, Patrick’s break up, Sam’s moving to college, and not to forget, Charlie’s first major screwed up in the group. Not only he was participating with making new friends, Charlie made friends with his english teacher as well. As the story goes on, viewers will see to Charlie’s state of mind. We know at some point in life he used to passed out in the middle of nowhere or having a blackout. He would not be able to control his action and sometimes it can lead to anger issues. Although when he expressed his anger it will usually ended up in tears. We also know that once he cried that there are chances that he would not be able to stop.

The ending of the story explained why he could have an emotional breakdown at any time of the day. He experienced a sexual assault by his aunt, one of his favourite person in the world. His aunt died during his birthday due to a car accident. She went outside to grabbed Charlie’s birthday present when a truck hit her car and she died instantly. Charlie felt guilty and thought that her death was his fault. None of his family member knew about the assault until he finally opened up to a psychiatrist.

What is beautiful about this film was how intimate they can make you feel with the characters. Acting as a person who has a mental breakdown was not easy and therefore huge praised need to be given to Logan Lerman. Charlie in my opinion was a perfect role for Logan Lerman. He portrayed the soft and innocent yet strong-minded Charlie in ways that other people couldn’t do.

Not only that, they used a very beautiful settings especially during the tunnel scene. the way they shot Sam was excruciatingly beautiful. Emma Watson did breakthrough her reputation as the smart ass Hermione from Harry Potter. In this film she was cool, outgoing, still loving and smart. She was brave yet fragile. She is just like a normal girl. Although she has been mistreated by others, was sexually assaulted as well, she stayed strong.

Not to forget Patrick. He was Sam step brother. At first you can see that he is funny, the class clown. But as the stories goes on you can see the pain and hardship that he went through. Having a secret boyfriend, broke up with that boyfriend. But the most important part is… It was something that most high school student might have gone through.

There are few scene that were different from the book or have been left out. The part where Candice (Nina Dobrev), Charlie’s sister was brought to the hospital to check her baby and have an abortion was cut out from the film because they thought that it would make the film more dark. And of course it would messed the movie censorship (PG-13, R, and so on). In the film we know Candice love Charlie from her reaction when Charlie called her during towards the end of the film. But their relationship in the book is more real. Who doesn’t fight with their siblings? Even though they fought, Candice thought that Charlie is weird, and experienced many uncomfortable moments, they still love each other. Which were supposed to be show during that missing scene.

Also the relationship between Charlie and his english teacher were not being portrayed in the film. In the film we only know that the teacher likes to give him books. But in the book, readers would know that Charlie and his teacher have a connection. He invited Charlie to his house and introduced him to his girlfriend. He also told Charlie that he is a bright kid and even hug him. This might be a bit weird to be shown in the film, but it would be nice to see it though.

Last but not least, the biggest applause for the writer of the book, Stephen Chbosky. His word has came to life through his own film. I have read the book, more than a thousand times. And it is surely a film and book that I would want you guys to watch


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