I want therefore I am

I know this is actually not that relevant to the theme of my blog but then again, it wouldn’t hurt. I want to share to you about who I am and why am I here.

I won’t tell you my name but you can call me “The Author.”

My interest in film has started since I was really young. I can’t really remember what was the first movie that I watched in the cinema but I do remember the first movie that I watched without my parents. I remembered my mom was having her hair done so she let me and sister went to the cinema to kill sometimes. I did know remembered what made us picked the film, but we choose to watched “Superman Return”, which I thought was awesome. As a kid who knew basically nothing about the cinematic world I was easily fooled by all the graphics and green screen tricks. Maybe back then the film industry did not use that many of a green screen but as you can see now, non of it are real.

The second film that I remembered clearly watching it in the cinema with my sister and mom was “Poseidon.” Not the King Triton Poseidon and such but it was the one with Fergie and the ship went down similar to Titanic. If I’m not mistaken, I couldn’t really sleep the night after I watched that film (no judging :D). I know that film was in 2006 but it was still quite traumatising for me.

Not only fascinated by the cinematography, I am also a big fan of the storyline.

The first story I have written was “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”

I saw the trailer on Disney Channel and I just wrote a story basically elaborating it from the trailer. After finished the story, I showed it to one of my school teacher and asked her to marked it. I have been writing mini stories ever since then.

With both interest in storyline and film’s cinematography I had hope that one day I can produced my own film.

I knew that I have told few people that I hated psychological-thriller, but I am sure that if I ever written or direct a movie, it will be psychological-thriller.

But don’t you think thriller is one of the most fun genre in the film industry?

I don’t want to sound psychotic but in thriller especially psychological-thriller, there are no predictable outcomes and also it can blew up your mind. One of my favourite film from that genre was “Black Swan” played by Natalie Portman. The first time I watched that film, I was daunted. Just imagine, when she (Natalie Portman) was being paranoid, you heard a doorbell from your apartment the same time she felt someone was behind her.

But any who, the reason I am here is to share my love for film. My point of view of a film might differ from other people. Some might ask, why don’t you just enjoy a film and ignore all the flaws. Well that’s a very good question. But the thing is, I can’t no longer do that.

I have watched to many film not to forget all the pattern from an action, comedy, horror, or any type of movie. Not only that I hope in expressing my likes and dislikes, point of view, and thoughts about a certain film, it can help me become a better writer or a producer.

Or maybe, I hope that maybe one day, my film review is good enough for people to hire me as a film critique.

To end this post, I shall share a quote that I like from a famous screenwriting teacher:

I want therefore I am – John Truby


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