Is this just a remarkable marketing scheme??? Review on The Interview

I have wanted to write about this film since days ago, but then I realised that I cannot find my draft box and so what I’ve written have become those tiny microscopic useless Internet junk.

By now I am 100% sure everyone who has accessed to Internet or at least read the news would know about this film.

If you don’t have access to Internet, The Interview is basically a film by Sony Pictures that was highly criticised by not only movie reviewers but also government. Why you ask? It was because the storyline of this film was the assassination of Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. The main reason this film was a major gossip and talked about a lot was because Sony was hacked by hackers claiming from North Korea that protested about this film. They said that they were going to bomb the cinema if this film was ever been shown to public. It took a long processes for Sony to finally found a way to released this film. They first released this film on YouTube, Amazon, and Sony Playstation Network. Which of course you need to pay a certain amount of money to see this film. But now, they finally released this film in few cinemas. Interesting facts about this film was that even Obama made a speech about the hackers issues, as in my opinion was made fuss by Sony.

The film receive many mixed review after it was released.  Some even said that it was understandable if Kim Jong-Un or even the citizens were angry about this film. When some have said that this film was hilarious.

For me, I personally don’t like the film. And to be honest I found the film to be overrated (well, it is not as overrated now). The comedy was painful to watch. But I must praised the duo. Seth Rogen and James Franco made a perfect comedy duo.

And despite the political issues that the film faced, I must give the greatest applause for the person who came up with the idea of making this film.

Whether it came from stereotypes or not, it has a brilliant story line.

Although I would not suggest others to watch this film, but for the sake of curiosity, you guys should check it out.

This film receive 54% on rotten tomatoes, so even if I don’t like this film, somewhere out there, there are people who actually found this film funny.


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