People say I’m a marshmallow – Veronica Mars (2014 Movie)

Have you heard about Veronica Mars TV series before? It was aired in 2004 until 2007.

If you don’t, let me give you a brief description about the series. Veronica Mars, played by the gorgeous actress Kristen Bell was more than just a high school student. She helped her dad, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) in running their private investigator business. She sometimes took cases without her dad’s permission. This series consist of 3 seasons which in each season she has a particular goal or case that she needed to break. In season 1, her goal was to find the murderer of Lily Kane (Amanda Seyfried), Veronica’s best friend. Through her journey in finding out the murderer, Veronica also found out that she might be related to Lily (which fans would know that they are not related) and to figure out who raped Veronica at a party (this will be uncover in season 2).

Season 2 revolved around the bus crash that killed all the passengers. At first, Veronica thought that she was actually the one who was being targeted but at the end she found out something totally different. And as I mention before, in this season people will know who actually raped Veronica.

Season 3, well.. I am not too sure about what was the main adjective other than cleaning the name of Keith Mars due to Veronica’s undoing. And also in season 3, she is no longer a high school student, which made things more interesting.

This film was made due to the strong commitment of Veronica Mars’ team and extremely loyal fan. Veronica Mars the movie was made through Kickstarter funds and shattered records on crowd funding site. It hit $5,702,153 and was the third highest-funded project on Kickstarter.

I shall start with the review of the film. As this film started with Veronica starting her career as a lawyer in London. Fast forward to where she needs to went back to Neptune to helped her long-lost ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring).

At the beginning of the movie, viewer could see the continuation of her relationship with Stosh “Piz” Piznarki (Chris Lowell). I guess it wasn’t a big surprised that Veronica ended up with Logan again.. I am totally in TEAM LOGAN (sorry piz, you’re a sweet guy but there’s just not enough drama).

I love that this movie used a lot of thriller theme in a sense that most of the scenes have like a darker lighting which represent suspense.. It kinda let you knew that something thrilling is going to happen soon. But then again Neo-noir is their genre.

The scene where Veronica open a trunk filled with her PI starter pack; bag, leather jacket, and her wicked camera, shows that she is back to business.

Although I must praised the creation of this film, the settings, the lines, and even the creativeness to invite James Franco as a cameo with a little of his stupidity to rhyme being shown in the film. I must say, as a fan this film has a lot of flaw in their storyline.

Most fan would want to know how things are after the series was cancelled.

There were many question that was left unanswered. For example, what happened to Wallace’s (Veronica’s best friend played by Percy Daggs III) dream of becoming a mechanical engineer? We all know that he was a huge basketball star, but what made him choose the life of a high school coach.

Also, when weevil rode back on his motorcycle at towards the end of the film. Does that mean that he got a divorce with his wife? Cause he said that he never rode a bike again since the day his child was born. But his scene on the motorcycle must have represent a destruction of his family or him realising the thug life will always be his life. As he grew up with the class differences, and now after he grew up and doing a normal job. He was framed by a rich person and destroyed his life. Coming back to his belief that 09ers will always get what they want.

Despite loving this film cause of their greatness and awesomeness, I guess this is a movie specifically for Veronica Mars’ fans. For all who are a non-fan and want to watch this film, I am pretty sure you will grow to love it as well. I would suggest to read about the TV series first before watching this film


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