Let us go, son – Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

It has been days since the last time I updated this blog. I was planning to update it days ago since it was Christmas to add a Christmas’s special post and then it was New Year. My plan was to post my top 5 Christmas and New Year’s film. I spend these past two years watching film during the holiday season. But for today, my pick will be Night at the Museum 3, since I have watched this movie twice. I generally do not mind watching a movie twice. I would not even mind to watch a film for the third times or fourth, and when I say watch I literally mean watching it in the cinema. The second time I watched this, I was supposed to watch The Hobbit for the second time but because there were no seats left so we decided to watch this. The second time watching this film it was not as funny as the first time I was watching it. And also the very uncomfortable chairs distracted me a lot. First thing first, I will give a recap of what the movie is all about. For anyone who has not watched this film, I would suggest to back away from this post. The film start off with a background story of how few archaeologists found the tablet of Akhmenrah and brought it back to their home country. Akhmenrah and the tablet were brought to the museum in New York, while his parents were shipped to the British Museum. The movie jump back to the present where all the museum’s pieces and artefacts were preparing to launch their grand opening of a new program. As the night went on with the event, Larry Daley and friends realised that there was something wrong with the tablet, and it is losing its power. The main mission of this movie was to go and search for Akhmenrah’s parents and regain the power of the tablet. This movie is a perfect movie to watch it during the holidays as it gave a warm feeling for the viewers. Also this film was a tribute for Robbin Williams (portrayed Theodore Roosevelt) and Mickey Rooney (Gus, a retired night guard from NATM 1). This is also the last instalment of the Night at the Museum series. I personally feel that they ended the series quite well. I love the ending where Larry was siting with Dexter and he thought that Dexter is going to slap him one last time while ended up kissing Larry on the lips. I can’t believe that Dexter actually did that. I was also shocked with the random and so unnecessary cameos of Hugh Jackman and Alice Eve. Maybe it is their ways to reached a larger target audience so people who did not even like the movie but love Hugh Jackman will actually watch this film. Not only that the extremely yet again unnecessary of Hugh Jackman doing the Wolverine impression, with the “ARGGGGHHHH” sound and the face and the body movement. You know, the one that he kinda bend his knee before going into a battle and shows off his claws. Also the part where Larry Dalley went back to Hugh Jackman to says that he is a triple threat. That whole since was really weird and not relevant to the whole story line. It is creative that to end the series, they created an ending where it is actually so ordinary and quite cliche but can be relatable to people who have ever said goodbye to someone. There is a beginning, which is the problem that they will need to face. The middle, where the found more problem, facing the enemies and such. And last, saying goodbye to everyone because they decided not to bring back Akhmenrah to New York so he can be with his parents in the UK. I also like the facts that despite the UK artefacts was having its tour to New York, and reviving everyone in New York again after such a long time, Larry Daley did not went back to see them. It is just a plain ending. A reaction which probably most people will do went they let go of something they love so much. One thing that I also noticed from this film was Rebel Wilson. I think she is a good actress and all. But she is boring. I feel that maybe she is what you call a “ideal fit.” Most of the character that she played are all the same. She is the British girl who practically makes fun of herself and then makes another random joke. But maybe it is also because that the movie that she played in was a comedy film. But overall, this film was acceptable. Not a film that I will like watch it every single time or even the film that I will even remember. If you all want to watch this, it is better to watch it at home. Cozy up and eat a microwave popcorn. PS: They changed the actor who played Larry Daley’s son.


2 thoughts on “Let us go, son – Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

  1. I watched the movie Dead Poets Society on New Year’s Eve and have just written a review on it. Beautiful screenplay. Coincidentally used the same quote from the movie as my blog post’s title. Have enjoyed reading yours : )


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