In London nobody’s alike, which means everyone fits in – Paddington

It has been more than 50 years since Paddington being adopted by the Brown family.

This is a movie that is perfect for Christmas.

Paddington was being sent to London due to an earthquake that killed his uncle. His aunt decided that she is too old for adventure and prefer to move into the Home for Retired Bear.

This movie is telling us the story of Paddington’s journey in finding a new home in London.

When he first arrived there, he felt alone and different. But the Brown family was kind enough to let him stay with them for a short term. Which then the story progress to how the Brown family grew to love and care for Paddington, and is fond of him.

But of course every movie must has its villain. In this case, the villain is a young female scientist who wants to stuffed Paddington. This female scientist’s father was the one who founded Paddington’s uncle and aunt. The reason why Paddington wants to go to London on the first place.

With this journey, Paddington will bring you to a world full of love, friendship, togetherness. With the Brown family, Paddington learn how to adapt to his new environment, and also his presence has improve the dynamics in the Brown family.

This movie is a movie that is perfect to watch under your bed, while drinking hot chocolate, during Christmas or New Year’s time.

There is nothing much I can say about this film as it is actually similar to any other family-comedy film.


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